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Hi, I'm Áine

Yoga Therapist and educator based in Galway.

Learn  how to empower yourself through yoga by being an active agent in your own healing and wellness process through...

  • One-to-One online Yoga Therapy

  • Holistic online Yoga classes

Join me & learn methods of self-healing and self-actualisation.


Where to begin?

Whether you are a complete beginner, an advanced practitioner or a Yoga teacher you can benefit from what Yoga Roots has to offer.

Public classes give a more generalised practice with an emphasis on all over holistic health and a sense of togetherness.

Yoga Therapy is for developing your own Yoga practice and so will be aimed towards your specific needs, goals and aspirations.

How can Yoga help you?

Yoga is a mind, body and spirit practice which works by transforming the physical, mental, emotional and energetic body. It balances what’s out of balance, aligns what is misaligned, cultivates inner wisdom, emotional stability and strength and puts you in tune with your true goals, priorities and life vision.


Develop strength, flexibility and balance, while gently invigorating the whole body.


Bring peace and tranquility to the mind and gain focus and deep insight.


Release emotional tension and blockages,  leading to lower stress levels. 


Balance and clarify your energy body so that you can feel both vitalised and tranquil. 


Align with your true nature and connect deeply with yourself and the world around you.

The success of yoga does not lie in the ability to perform postures but in how it positively changes the way we live our life and our relationships.

TKV Desikachar

My Journey into Teaching

Over ten years ago, I gave up a career in the film industry to follow this path, finding my way into yoga through the Satyananda tradition. I completed teacher training with the school of Satyananda Yoga associated with the British Wheel; this training had 550 classroom hours and over 1,000 hours in residential yogic life immersion.


Since then, I have practiced many different yoga traditions, setting up Yoga Roots. I graduated from Yoga Campus in London as a Yoga Therapist in 2019 with a 550 hour training.

To find out more about  my journey click below...

What My Clients Say


Joanne, 43

Áine manages to be professional while remaining warm and open, and seems to have a talent for balancing that perfectly. She is extremely knowledgeable, introducing new concepts and teachings in a gentle yet progressive way.

Peadar, 67

In short, I am thrilled...I have improved greatly and for the 1st time in many years of frustration, I am again believing that I will make a complete recovery. I intend to continue attending Áine’s group and therapy sessions.

Aoife, 30

I am currently in the middle of my third term of Áine’s yoga classes and I cannot recommend them enough. Áine is a fantastic teacher who is so generous with her time and knowledge. 

British Wheel of Yoga Qualification
Satyananda Yoga Training Center
British Council for Yoga Therapy Certified
International Association of Yoga Therapists
yoga quotation

 The one who can make all cares into one care, the care for presence, will be cared for by that presence.  

Cynthia Bourgault


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