About Me


My life is dedicated to self-realisation and self-actualisation, and helping others to do the same. 

Hi, I’m Aine

A Yoga Therapist and educator based in Galway.

I teach people how to empower themselves through yoga, helping them to take control of their own healing and wellness process. I offer one-to-one Yoga Therapy sessions, in addition to a number of holistic Yoga classes.


My Story

As someone who was very ill as a child with pneumonia, my immune and respiratory systems were always very weak. Because of this, I became quite ungrounded, which followed me into adulthood. I was always flitting from one thing to another, without focus or determination. I was struggling with a deep sense of disharmony between myself and the world around me, consistently making unwholesome connections that didn’t feel right for me.

Eventually, I began to realise that I needed to turn my focus inward and take stock of myself. I needed to change the direction that my life was taking, to find another path... it was then I discovered Yoga.

My Formal Training

Why Yoga Therapy?

Through all my years of practice, it has been my discovery of yoga therapy which has been the most transformative. Traditionally, yoga was prescribed to the individual according to their needs.


This is what I felt was missing from my own practice and something that I joyfully discovered through yoga therapy. My life is dedicated to self-realisation and self-actualisation, and helping others to do the same. Today, I’m excited to help others who are struggling to begin their journey to wellbeing, inner transformation and growth.

I have been practicing and studying Yoga in Galway for over 10 years, and have over 2000hrs of formal training. I have completed teacher training with the school of Satyananda Yoga associated with the British Wheel and the 

renowned Bihar School of Yoga in India. This training had 550 classroom hours and over 1000hrs in residential Yogic life immersion. 


I also graduated from Yoga Campus in London as a Yoga therapist with a 550 hour training. This gave me the skills needed to develop practices that can help to take clients from illness to wellness and on to an optimal living state.

Outside of formal training I have spent the last 10 years of my life exploring meditation and self-enquiry techniques from different traditions. This was done mainly in ashrams and monasteries where I spend much time in silence and contemplation. There are no certificates for these experiences and yet the wealth of inner knowledge I have gained from them has far surpassed my formal training. 

What do I provide?


Yoga Therapy


A Personal Practice

A true empowerment and confidence building practice, yoga therapy works to create a personal practice that is focused on your specific and individual needs. This will take into account your constitution, place, gender, available time, age, capacities, aspirations and activities.


Support & Guidance

Yoga therapy can be helpful for people at all stages of their lives. It can be beneficial for those with various ailments and illnesses, from mild anxiety to chronic illness, but is equally valuable to those who are simply interested in improving their wellbeing. Yoga therapy can also help with major life transitions, difficult decisions and life situations in which we can feel overwhelmed and stressed.


An Individual Focus

A good yoga therapist is fully trained in the various physical, mental and emotional health conditions and therefore, can build a plan specific to fit those needs. Yoga therapy is an entirely creative process. There are hundreds of different practices and styles to choose from and it is my job to suggest the practices that are most going to suit your needs to support you in your wellness process. People with health conditions that cannot join a public yoga class can benefit greatly from yoga therapy due to its individualistic focus.


Public Yoga Classes

Yoga Roots - A Holistic Approach

Yoga means the union with mind, body and spirit and roots are a symbol of the stable foundations needed in order to really thrive in yoga and life. With that in mind, Yoga Roots classes are holistic, taking into account the students’ physical, energetic and mental emotional wellbeing.

I also like to actively teach the principles of inner transformation, rather than leading a class where the students are passive bystanders.


Strength, Flexibilty & Vitality

Yoga classes are a social environment, in which the motivation of the whole class has a powerful effect on the individual. The classes are approximately 1.5 hours long, which gives time to work on the many levels of our being to bring true clarity, calm and feelings of spaciousness and harmony. The 50-minute asana routines develop strength, flexibility and balance, while gently invigorating the circulatory and lymphatic systems for increased vitality and enthusiasm for life. The breath work, the cornerstone of all practices, balances the energy body, soothes the nervous system and brings clarity and deep insight to the mind.


Meditation & Stress Relief

Meditation works on many different levels according to the direction the student wants to go in. At a mental/emotional level it helps you to get to know yourself and how your conditioning may be preventing you from moving forward in life. At an energetic level it can help to balance, clarify and vitalise areas. At a spiritual level it can connect you to source. Finally, the deep rest practices and postures work to relax the entire body system at a profound level, which is essential for stress relief.


Please note – you do not need to have a spiritual inclination to benefit and enjoy the classes. Everything is taken at the students pace and is student led.

Could there be more to Yoga than you think?

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