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Áine introduced me to a new way to deal with my anxiety.

Áine is an exceptionally patient, gracious, warm and caring therapist. She is an astute listener, who offered practices and readings based on all we discussed - never missing anything (and there was a lot!). Áine manages to be professional while remaining warm and open, and seems to have a talent for balancing that perfectly. She is extremely knowledgeable, introducing new concepts and teachings in a gentle yet progressive way, and is always very considered.


Áine introduced me to a new way to deal with my anxiety. I suffer from severe PMS and carrying out these practices have eased the mental stresses that come along with this. But more that that, it has given me access to new ways to get to know myself, and be with myself, which is not something I had anticipated when I began with Áine. Having this practice that I can turn to to feel safe and cared for and calm and peaceful is a really wonderful gift!


The instruction was very precise and Áine always ensured that I understood all poses before finishing up the practice each week. She also provided video for some aspects that were not as straightforward as others. The wonderfully softly spoken guided meditations deserve particular mention!

Joanne, 43


Dont let the mind lead the breath,

let the breath lead the mind

The results have been amazing.

Ten years ago, when in my mid-fifties, I was struck by an undiagnosed Neurological disorder which severely affected my lower body. Within a few years, I went from being fit to losing my strength, co-ordination, balance and suffered drop attacks. I developed a spastic walk with severe joint paints, stiffness and fell regularly. I used a stick when walking and had to retire early. In 2018, I had 2 bad falls and broke the Fibula bone in my right leg in one.

In October 2019, I started attending a “Healing and Gentle” Yoga class with Áine. I really enjoyed it and by Christmas was feeling a lot more flexible. In the New Year I began Yoga Therapy with her. The results have been amazing. My legs are regaining their strength, my balance is much improved and I am now walking significant distances without using my walking stick (but I still carry it for safety reasons and use it crossing roads and on steps, etc).

In short, I am thrilled with the progress made. I know that I have turned a corner, that I have improved greatly and for the 1st time in many years of frustration, I am again believing that I will make a complete recovery. I intend to continue attending Áine’s group and therapy sessions. I owe her a huge debt of gratitude and I wish her every success in her vocation as a healing Yoga Therapist. If any reader doubts my story or wishes to get more information from me, please contact me through Áine and I will gladly give you all the details.

Peadar, 67

The more we progress on the yogic path the more we become aware of the holistic nature of our being, realizing that we are made of body, breath, mind and more.

TKV Desikachar


I have noticed great changes in my flexibility and balance.

As a Yoga Teacher…

I am currently in the middle of my third term of Áine’s yoga classes and I cannot recommend them enough. Áine us a fantastic teacher who is so generous with her time and knowledge. She is incredibly helpful when it comes to modifying poses for different levels, therefore creating a great feeling of inclusion within the group. While the classes are quite gentle and relaxing I have noticed great changes in my flexibility and balance. Áine creates such a lovely calm environment in which to unwind that I would recommend attending her classes for the tranquility alone.

Aoife, 30


Wellness is the compelte integration of body, mind, and spirit

Áine is a blessing and in my experience merits the title of Best Yoga Teacher Ever!

I've been attending Áine's yoga classes now for some time now. I have found her to be an excellent teacher, kind and gentle with an amazing knowledge of the workings of the human body. Her attention to detail and care for each individual participant in her class insures safety and inspires confidence to evolve and grow within the class. She is a lady of many talents. I've attended her sacred chant sessions and been transformed to another realm by her beautiful magical soulful singing. Áine is a blessing and in my experience merits the title of Best Yoga Teacher Ever!

Carol, 58

Individual peace paves the way for world peace. The attainment of inner calm, is the greatest work you can do for humanity.



Tips she has given me on posture & alignment have really made a difference to my practice .

Aine’s sensitive & observant approach to teaching is a rare gift. She invests time & energy into each & every student, ensuring that everyone develops regardless of their level. Tips she has given me on posture & alignment have really made a difference to my practice . She gives us homework and I was surprised at the impact it made on me, I was sleeping better, felt centered after a session, mentally & emotionally . A yoga session with Aine weekly is a must, I leave her class feeling relaxed & balanced with more energy. Aine is so supportive , caring & understanding , she has excellent knowledge & can teach it so easy . I can highly recommend her, go for it.

Theresa, 62


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