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Yoga is the state of mind - present, alert and relaxed - from which we can understand the truth and, having understood, communicate that truth appropriately


What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy works to create a personal practice that is focused on your specific and individual needs, taking into account your constitution, gender, time constraints, age, capacities, aspirations, activities and beliefs. Your tailored practice will also take into account breathing, voice, memory, intellect, character and your priorities and goals.

Often, the process of healing is taken out of our hands; Yoga Therapy aims to give you the tools so that you can be an active participant in your own healing process. This is incredibly empowering. In Yoga Therapy, we are not working to heal a condition but to heal the person with the condition.

In Yoga Therapy, we are not working to heal a condition but to heal the person with the condition

Who can benefit from Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is for anyone who wants to cultivate health, contentment and vibrancy in their lives. I work with people that have mild to chronic health ailments and also people who are in a state of wellness but would like to optimise their lives and live their full potential. Yoga Therapy is preventative, curative and transformative. It can be used to manage symptoms of illness and heal on all levels of our being. No matter your circumstance, you can have a yoga practice that will support and guide you. In Yoga Therapy, we are not working to heal a condition but to heal the person with the condition. See below for some examples of conditions I work with: 



Back pain

Joint Dysfunction

Neck Pain


Musculoskeletal dysfunction

Imbalances and weaknesses


Cardiovascular conditions


Respiratory conditions

Neurological conditions – MS, ME

Digestive disorders

Autoimmune diseases



Menstrual issues

Chronic Fatigue



Mental Health




Post-natal depression

Yoga Therapy can also be used as a means to get one’s life moving in the right direction, or to help you to move through difficult life transitions such as bereavement, loss or a big life change.

This therapy can be very powerful to use on its own, or as an adjunct to your chosen form of medicine. It can work very well alongside western medicine and alternative wellness therapies such as massage and psychotherapy.

*Please note – you do not need to have religious or spiritual aspirations to benefit from Yoga Therapy. The sessions are always directed with respect to the clients experiences and beliefs, not the therapists.

Bringing yoga into your daily life will help to support you through challenging life circumstances

How does Yoga Therapy work?

In our sessions together, we will come up with a Yoga practice for you to practice at home which will be tailored to your specific needs. This means it will target any complaints you have, while also being deeply meaningful to you. This personalised practice will help to support you through challenging life circumstances.

What to expect in an Online Yoga Therapy session?

After our initial contact and arrangement of session date and time, I will send you a health information form to fill in. This is to give me a good idea of where you are at before the session begins.

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions we will be working online together. Doing therapy online has many benefits; your in the comfort of your own home, there is more flexibility around time and I can video record your practice if this helps you. Once we have our date and time arranged, then I will set up a private and secure zoom meting with a password. I will sent this to you 15 minutes before session begins. If you feel more comfortable using another medium such as What's App we can use that instead. 

Our first session will be approximately 1.5 hours long. This will include time for talking things through, seeing how you stand, move and breathe and evaluating the best Yoga plan for your exact needs. We decide together the appropriate practice times.

Many different things will be taken into consideration to create a meaningful, functional, and effective practice, based around your specific goals and priorities. I will then go through your practice with you while making an audio recording for you to take home and follow. I use multimedia to make the practice as accessible as possible. Then you can go home and practice.

Follow-up sessions will include talking and practice; I recommend coming to at least three to five sessions initially, with a week to two weeks between each session. The idea is for you to, over time, have less and less need for yoga therapy as you become more comfortable with your life situation and your home practice. You can come intermittently, or when you feel you need the extra support again.

Yoga therapy can also support you if you would like to start yoga, but don’t feel ready to join a class due to various reasons. We can work towards preparing you for a public class.

The idea is for you to, over time, have less and less need for yoga therapy as you become more comfortable with your life situation and your home practice.

What is the difference between Yoga Therapy and regular Yoga classes/one-to-one sessions?

In a Yoga therapeutic situation, there is a complete assessment of the client’s individual needs. This includes an assessment of how they stand, move and breathe, a consultation at the beginning of each session, a thorough review of the yoga therapy plan and more.

The client also receives multimedia to help with their understanding of the plan once they get home; this can include audio recordings, photos, videos, handouts and recommendations for further study. The therapy plan is re-evaluated and developed over time and as the client’s needs and life circumstances change, so does the home practice. In this way, your daily practice serves your life.

People with health conditions that cannot join a public yoga class can benefit greatly from Yoga Therapy due to its individualistic focus. A good Yoga Therapist is fully trained in the various physical, mental and emotional health conditions, and therefore can build a plan specific to fit those needs.

The idea is for you to, over time, have less and less need for yoga therapy as you become more comfortable with your life situation and your home practice.

Prices & Booking

Please note* pricing has changed to reflect the current global situation.

If you are currently unemployed or have had your hours significantly cut due to Covid-19 then all sessions are €50 euros.

If you are a public health care provider then contact me for some complementary sessions.


If you are still in full-time employment:


Initial consultation €70 euros 1.5-2hrs

Follow up consultations €60 euros 1-1.5hrs

There is a 10% discount when 3 - 5 sessions are booked after and on the day of the Initial Consultation (to be used within 3 months).

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Contact directly on 0871144470

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My approach is to integrate the two so as to bring harmony throughout the entire system.”

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