International Online Yoga Therapy Retreat

Boost your immunity and respiratory systems, 

taking your health into your own hands.

5th September - 9am-1pm

In a time of such uncertainty, you will find empowerment in action.The enormity of our current global situation leaves most of us feeling disempowered and even hopeless. As individuals we may feel out of control; of ourselves and our global community.  When faced with a crises, such as Covid-19, how can we return to our innate ability to fortify ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally? Yoga teaches us the way. 

Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world


Paramahansa Yogananada




Ana-Maria Conneely

Áine Ní Fhaoláin

Ana Maria Conneely is a Yoga teacher, (CTHA, ITEC) massage therapist and she hosts the A Way to Live Well podcastTeaching in Britain.

Yoga Therapist and Educator with BWY and the British counsel for Yoga Therapy. Founder of Yoga Roots, Yoga Therapy clinic. Teaching in Ireland.   

What you will learn?

In this morning retreat you will learn how to self-evaluate so you can respond to the areas in your life that require your attention. Taking time out of your usual routine, you will learn movement and breathing based on scientific research, that boosts immunity while relieving stress. The meditation works to change inner patterns of thinking while connecting you to your own true source. These are life long learning skills which lead to better health, increased joy, contentment and compassion. 


Stress, in and of itself, is not harmful, in fact, short bursts of stress have been shown to boost immunity. When stress is prolonged however, it is highly destructive to our immunity, leaving us susceptible to illness. These Yoga Therapy practices are an elixir to dis-ease, and can teach you how to recognise and respond to stressors, thereby supporting the immune system and your overall wellbeing. 

How will the day look?

1. Welcome

2. Intro Talk - Your immunity - The science of immunity and how you can evaluate and help strengthen it. 

3. 15 minute break. 


4. Asana practice - stress reduction and immunity boosting.

5. Breath work - making space for the full breath - the key to health and immunity.

6. 30 minute break.

7. Meditation- Liminal space,this is the space in between things -Surrendering to what is waiting to unfold, the unknown, might be an incredible space for creativity, growth and potential.

8. Connection to source - Creating a web of energy between, around, within, and among us through the doorway of the heart. 

​9. Closing with optional tea and chats. 

Your Contrbution

€25 for the full online retreat
For NHS or Irish Health Care Workers this retreat is complementary. 
If you are not a health care worker and find the cost out of your means then please get in touch so we can make an arrangement that is more suitable for you.