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We are more together than apart

At this crucial time of Covid-19 and social distancing it is with great honor and pleasure that I continue to give online Yoga classes, live chanting and events . These classes are centered around finding wellness, resilience and meaning as we move collectively through this difficult time.  

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8.15am Live Chanting on Facebook and Instragram


Gentle Yoga with Meditation


8.15am Live Chanting on Facebook and Instragram

6pm  Yoga to energise the spirit - dynamic and fluid


Soul Food Gentle Yoga

This gentle yoga class suits most body types. Here we will focus on mindful slow movement of the body while incorporating prayer, meditation and chanting to feed the soul. 


Elevate the Spirit DynamicYoga

An energetic and physically challenging class for focus, clarity, strength and resilience. infused with mindfulness, meditation and breathing practices to elevate your, body, mind and soul. 

Live Events

Join me for live and pre-recorded events...

Each week there will be Facebook and Instragram live events such as chanting or pop-up  classes. 

Follow the Yoga Roots Youtube channel for guided relaxations and much more.

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Your contribution

See what works for you
  1. €12 per class if you still have employment

  2. €5-€10 per class if that better suits your current financial statu

  3. If you are an public healthcare provider, or a carer for anyone in your home with Covid-19 of another acute or chronic illness, you are welcome to benefit from a free class as needed to support you while you support another/others

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